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Kangaroo Habitat text

Kangaroos' habitat includes Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea, (a country off the eastern coast of Indonesia and just north of Queensland). Kangaroos share home ranges. They are approximately 115 square feet, although males home ranges are typically larger than females. The three different types of kangaroo tend to group in different regions of their habitat.

Map of Kangaroo Habitat

Color coded Map of Australian states

Eastern Greys fittingly inhabit the easter third of Australia. Thare are especially found along the coast in damp forests. Red Kangaroos' territory expands a little more widely. They are ususally found inland, from grasslands to Mulga country, (a dry patch of land containing a lot of shrub called acacia aneura). The only places you won't find Red Kangaroos are the wet areas of eastern, northern and southwestern Australia. Western Kangaroos are found in 60% of southern and western Australia. They live in oodlands, forests, and grasslands. They are found along the coast, scrubland, and sometimes even in the surrounding areas of a city!


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