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Kangaroo Diet text


Kangaroo grazing on grass

Kangaroos are herbivores, which means they enjoy a primarily vegetarian diet. They have chambered stomachs, similar to sheep and cattle. This means that after they eat something the first time, they regurgitate it and chew on it before swalling it again. It is then digested for good.

They often eat at night, grazing on spants and grass. In the cooler months of the year, they will come out to feed during the day as well. Kangaroos will eat shoots and leaves from shrubs and grass trees. The time they spend grazing varies by the season, but ranges from anywhere between seven and fourteen hours.

Kangaroos drink water, but do not require a great deal of it because they are nourished by the plants they eat. They are capable of going four months without any water. Lack of nutrition can be a cause for death, but most often occurs with the young that do not have body reserves.

Kangaroo: Mid-chew


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