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Abby Root
EDMT 380-002 Main Page
Spring 2005

Project #1

Draft Lesson/Unit Plan Outline

Cultural Lyric Writing

The following lessons are part of a short unit on American heritage. Its focus is on the musical influence of other cultures, and exploring the influence cultures have on language and music. These lessons are set up for Language Arts, but can easily be adapted by the Social Studies teacher as well. The lesson uses a video to teach about the historical origins of American "folk music" from African and European influences.

Learner Analysis:
This lesson was developed for a mainstream class of 8th grade students. This Language Arts class of about 25 students has two students who are gifted and talented and one student who has visual impairment.

Alignment Table:

WI Model Academic Standards
Language Arts Standards
A.8.3 Read and discuss literary and nonliterary texts in order to understand human experience.

Students will identify cultural, historical, and social themes found in song lyrics.

Students will evaluate the historical influence of text.

The students will come up with a list of themes that influence the song lyrics of modern music.

In-class discussions on their responses to questions provided by teacher.

Students will research their chosen theme to further their understanding of cultural influences of music.

Reflection section of word-processed paper.
B.8.1 Create or produce writing to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes.

Students will chose an idea from their list of modern themes and create their own song so that it tells a story of contemporary times in modern language.

Students will work in groups and create song lyrics that use to share with the class.

Students will spend work time experimenting with writing lyrics and creating a modern song. Word-processed copy of song lyrics with modern theme.
Information and Technology Literacy
A.8.4 Use a computer and communications software to access and transmit information.

Students will view Internet sites in order to retrieve information about cultural themes in music.

Students will engage in navigation searches to find relevant websites.

Practice with internet search for information regarding seleceted cultural theme. Internet source list and word processed final paper.
B.8.7 Communicate the results of research and inquiry in an appropriate format.

Students will write a word-processed paper reflecting on the cultural theme of their song.

Students will site sources accurately.

Students will also type out their song lyrics, using modern language and relevant aspects of a particular theme.

Students will practice word processing during computer time.

Students will practice the correct procedure for citations.

Song lyrics show modern language and depict a contemporary theme.

Reflection paper incorporates new research




























Activity Sequence Summary (assumes 50 minute class periods):

Day One
1. The teacher asks the students questions about music.

2. An instructional video on the emergance of roots music in America from its European and African origins.
3. The teacher will distribute the lyrics to the song "Barbara Allen" that was discussed in the video and have students read aloud.
4. The students will discuss the following questions in small groups:

5. Each student will select a different modern theme (can be from the list generated earlier with the class) that they will use to create a contemporary story outline.
6. Students can begin transforming their cultural stories into song lyrics, using modern language. This will be assigned as homework if it is not finished.

Day Two


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